“Never be afraid of the conversations you are having. Be afraid of the conversations you are not having.”
Susan Scott, founder of Fierce®

How is your communication culture?

Is communication in your company setting unfocused, unproductive and ineffective? Are there certain employees who won’t speak up or others who dominate meetings? Do your teams struggle with providing timely and open feedback?

We have extensive experience helping companies like yours to face your toughest business challenges. Through our workshops, your team will gain the confidence they need to turn all team meetings into dynamic think tanks, to give feedback easily and without conflict, and seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth.

Our range of Fierce® workshops, created by Susan Scott, the founder of FierceInc, focus on a broad range of real conversation techniques that encourage inclusion, active participation and insight-gaining from all members of your team!

Our trainers are certified and authorised Fierce® trainers, certified Neurolanguage® coaches, and ICF ACC and PCC certified coaches.

What are Fierce® Conversations?

Fierce® Conversations are the key to meaningful relationships and real growth. They require courage, vulnerability, and openness. They require us to step away from our comfort zone and into the unknown. But when we take the leap, the rewards are immense.

Fierce® Conversations are the bridge that connects us to our true selves, to our colleagues, and to our organisation. They are the foundation of real growth and meaningful relationships, both personal and professional.

Companies that embrace this concept will stand out from the rest and create a culture of trust and collaboration. When we open ourselves to Fierce® Conversations, we open ourselves to a world of possibility. So, let's start having Fierce® Conversations today and create a better tomorrow!

Our Fierce® workshops will help your team to......


confidence in giving feedback to colleagues without leaving an emotional wake


communication skills to clearly formulate the key message to team members and stakeholders


conflict that may arise in work situations, and learn how to de-escalate potential tension


company objectives through a fully open, trusting and transparent working environment


language so it becomes inclusive and engaging rather than demotivating the team

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What topics are covered in Fierce® workshops?

  • Foundations of Fierce® Communication
  • Coaching Conversations
  • Team Conversations
  • Delegating
  • Negotiations
  • Feedback
  • Confrontations

What do the Fierce® Workshops consist of?

Our workshops are designed with you, your needs and your context in mind, therefore all topics, content and approach will be adapted and tailored for your specific requirements.
Here is an example approach:
Live Sessions
/ Per year
3-hour sessions per workshop topic
Online through Zoom, alternating plenary & small group activities
Highly interactive and engaging
Blended coaching approach
Constructive group and individual feedback provided
Workshops available to native and non-native speakers of English (CEFR Level B1+)
Additional elements
/ Per year
Pre-workshop reflective activities
Slide deck, session notes & workbook

Why Us?

Why choose WorkinEnglish as your Fierce® Communications Workshop provider?

We have been working with multi-nationals and private professionals in a variety of sectors and on a variety of activities since 2013.
We work with junior, middle and senior managers and C-suite executives, so we understand your challenges.


We are specialists in communication skills training for native and non-native speakers of English and in Business English training for non-native speakers.
We are experts in the Fierce® approach and Fierce® topics so provide fully rounded communication skills.


We are
• certified Fierce® trainers
• accredited ICF PCC & ACC professional coaches.
• certified Neurolanguage® coaches
• highly qualified Business English trainers for non-native speakers

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