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WorkinEnglish differs from other Communication Skills & Business English training companies

Our comprehensive approach combines our in-depth experience in communication skills training with our extensive expertise in supporting non-native English speakers, maximizing success for all involved. What this means is putting at your disposal:

The Team

A team that supports the training you are specifically looking for, focused on the real needs of your company and on the goals you want to achieve, without selling you pre-packaged solutions.


Personalized resources and a social & digital platform to foster continuous learning and progress, even outside the scheduled sessions


Language coaches who accompany you on your journey, adjusting the path where necessary and providing you with all the necessary tools for a measurable improvement of you and your teams’ language & communication skills and, consequently, an added value to your company

Our strengths

An approach that adapts perfectly to the intense work schedules of our current times.
Maximum flexibility

It is we who adapt to the needs and preferences of our clients, not the other way around. And we are also available for urgent tasks outside normal business hours.

100% tailor-made

All our training programmes and workshops are co-created and fully personalized, incorporating specific content relevant to the business context and the role of the participants.

Coaching Approach

Our approach to all forms of training in WorkinEnglish is based on the principles of business coaching. We act in accordance with ICF's Code of Ethics, including confidentiality & privacy.

Continuous Feedback

Our approach includes verifying the quality of our work and requesting feedback from clients to improve the effectiveness of our training and, ultimately, the benefits for our clients.

Our clients

These are some of the prestigious clients we have partnered with.
Pharmaceutical & Medical

Johnson & Johnson Medical, Abbott, Celgene, Merck Serono, Biogen, Sigma Tau, Wyeth Lederle/Pfizer, Arjo, Mölnlycke, Fresenius

Financial sector

Bank of Italy, DEPObank, Setefi, Experian


Unilever, Perrigo

Other sectors

Europcar, Italiana Costruzioni, Technocolor, Chevrolet, eFM, Vitrociset, Eurobet and others

We believe everyone should have access to quality training when it comes to communication skills and Business English. That’s why at WorkinEnglish we strive to make our services accessible, effective and affordable for all kinds of businesses and professionals looking to enhance their professional development.
Amanda Franklin Founder

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