Do you teach Business English online?

Are you freelance and frustrated with constantly looking for resources?

Would you like to network with other Business English teachers?

Here's what you can do!

Our swapping circle offers an exclusive opportunity to connect and network with like-minded professional Business English teachers and benefit from resources, advice, and creative ideas to help you hone your skills.

Through training, access to more Business English resources, and the chance to share ideas over a virtual coffee, you won't find a better place to experience professional development than here.

Join our vibrant, knowledgeable Business English teacher community and take your teaching to the next level!

What's your biggest challenge?

We understand the biggest challenges that online Business English teachers face and our Swapping Circle will help you to overcome these in a fun, relaxed and safe environment.

With our Swapping Circle you will:

share and have access to updated resources to reflect professional online Business English teaching through a language coaching approach

experiment with different content, materials and approaches to deliver enhanced online sessions & courses more confidently

receive support to trouble-shoot issues, like challenging or demotivated clients, classroom management, mixed-level classes, etc

network with other professional teachers, exchange tips & tricks for teaching success and explore new ideas

The Swapping Circle is for Business English teachers who:

  • are currently teaching groups or individuals
  • are looking to network with other professional like-minded peers
  • are seeking to incorporate more technology into their lessons
  • are happy to share their lesson plans & resources with their peers
  • want to build up a varied and effective portfolio
  • have at least 2 years’ experience in Business English teaching
  • have at least a C1 level of English

Interested? Get in touch!

If you'd like to find out more about what benefits you can gain from one of our tailored courses, get in touch to schedule a chat.

What does a swapping circle session look like?

All our teacher training events have been designed with you, your needs and your context in mind.
Live Sessions
/ Per year
Live Zoom sessions of 1.5 hours
‘Swapping’ is a pre-requisite of the sessions, so send in a lesson plan you'd like to share in the session.
3 teachers will be invited to ‘showcase’ their LP for 10-15 minutes and manage Q&A (not mandatory to present)
A selected issue or topic is put forward for everyone’s comments and suggestions.
We offer a safe environment: comments and feedback will be supportive, constructive and respectful.
The sessions will be facilitated by experienced Business English trainers.
Camera on is requested to enhance the networking and sharing experience.
Spaces are limited to 15 participants
A professional coaching approach is used to facilitate the sessions
Additional elements
/ Per year
All lesson plans collected are collated and sent to all the participants after the session
Comments are gathered during the session and sent with the lesson plans
One free session per person is foreseen, so invite your colleagues

Why Us?

Why join WorkinEnglish for the Swapping Circle?

We have been working with multi-nationals and private professionals in a variety of sectors and on a variety of activities since 2013.
All our courses are tailored so we have built up a vast experience & portfolio of lesson plans.


We are experts in online communication training & coaching for corporations & private professionals.
We are also specialists in Business English training, using a variety of tools & resources to enhance our clients' learning & motivation.


Our trainers are accredited PCC & ACC professional coaches, Neurolanguage® coaches & Fierce® trainers.
We also hold certifications in teaching English as a foreign language (CELTA, DELTA), and are Cambridge Speaking Examiners.

Interested in finding out everything we have to offer? Let's have a chat!

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