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In 2020, following numerous requests, we also launched our language coaching courses for private professionals, applying the same approach that distinguishes us and with 100% tailor-made objectives.

English is the language of international business …… English language skills are important for over 95% of employers in many non-native English-speaking countries.
English at Work: global analysis of language skills in the workplace – Cambridge English

We organize both individual and group courses. To promote faster and more effective learning, we welcome a maximum of 6 participants into each group.

To ensure the maximum effectiveness of the program, we listen to the true needs of the participants, which allows us to co-create the content and together identify the objectives to be achieved.

All courses for private professionals take place online through live sessions with our language coaches, using the Zoom platform, which favours collaborative group work and offers the possibility of interacting with other participants.

You can choose between:

  • General English
  • Business English
  • Effective Interview preparation
  • Effective CV writing
  • IELTS & Cambridge exam preparation
  • Conversation classes
  • Academic writing
  • Specific Skills Workshops

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