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Neurolanguage Coaching® applies aspects of neuroscience to the processes of coaching and second language acquisition.
In this way, the learning process becomes even more effortless, and the client more easily overcomes any personal barriers to learning

This approach and techniques are used exclusively by our neurolanguage coaches®, certified by Efficient Language Coaching and accredited by ICF.

A Neurolanguage Coach® helps the client manage the negative states of “fight, flight or freeze”, which may be activated when learning or speaking a foreign language.

A Neurolanguage Coach® shares with the client the aspects of neuroscience connected with the learning process, such as neuroplasticity, neurogenesis, the limbic system and related chemical processes.

A Neurolanguage Coach® is able to create links between the client’s native language and the target language, so that these associations help a faster acquisition of structures and vocabulary.

A Neurolanguage Coach® works with groups as if they were 'teams', encouraging collaboration in order to achieve the goals set for the team and for each participant.

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